Virtual Empire Support

Voice support phone number offline

Please note, our toll free support phone number is offline and not working at this time, the providor we were using went out of business and we are trying to get the number transfered.

In the mean time please use our direct local number 414-=423-5639 or our helpdesk by submitting a support ticket.

Virtual Empire Services Upgrade: UPDATE 5/21/2018

Virtual Empire Services Upgrade: UPDATE 5/21/2018

Over the weekend of 5/26 – 5/28 (Memorial Day Weekend) Starting Saturday 5/26 we will be performing network updates which will affect all services.

These updates includes network routing improvements and software updates. For most customers no user change will need to be made. For customers who manage there own DNS/IP addresses with another DNS provider you will need to make an IP address update. If you manage your own IP Addresses and DNS , the following is your new IP address prefix for your user managed IP addresses.


You will be able to substitute your existing address of



For the new prefix of


Replace XXX with your current used ending ip address number.

You will want to plan this update for Saturday morning (5/21) starting 9AM CST. NOTE: After the update the old IP address will NOT be active. Thank you Virtual Empire Internet Services.
Expansion announcement udpate

Virtual Empire Services Upgrade: UPDATE 5/11/2018 Our upgrade plans are going well, we are preforming a major upgrade to our core network functions which will allow us to provide faster and even better services to our customers. This upgrade will require us to interrupt services to make these changes. We are planning on these updates at the end of this month (May 2018) When a first date has been choose we will make that date available. For most customers no user change will need to be made. For customers who manage there own DNS/IP addresses with another DNS provider you will need to make an IP address update. We will provide this information shortly. Thank you Virtual Empire Internet Services.
Major expansion announcement

Over the past 20 years Virtual Empire has always been a leader in offering the latest in Internet services. Our software and security teams make sure our services are always updated and are at peek performance.

With this in mind we are always looking for ways to improve the services we have been offering our customers over these past 20 years.

We will be accouning a MAJOR upgrade of our services that will improve all levels of services we offer.

Please check back here over the next month for more information on these new announcements.



Over the past 2 weeks our engineers have been upgrading our core web server. The upgrade consisted of the latest version Windows server operating system, Windows Server 2016. Upgrade of web scripting language and more! Keeping software and hardware update to date allows us to provide a secure and solid service for our customers.

HARDWARE Maintenance
2-7-2017 - 11am - 2pm CST

UPDATE: Services have been restored, please report any issues if you are unable to connect.

Our engineers have been alerted to a hardware failure of a storage drive, our engineers will be replacing the failed drive during this mainteance notice. During the replacement services will be interupted.

Services upgrades
11-5-2016 - 8pm - 12am

Our upgrade team engineers will be performing software updates to our shared hosting services during this scheduled maintenance. Services may be down for a brief period to apply the updates. As always if you have any questions let us know.

Power Maintenance COMPLETED
10-15-2016 - 10-16-2016

We are happy to report that at 12noon on Sunday Oct 16th, full power was restored to our data center operations. Downtime was minimized during switch over from utility power to generator power by our engineers working fast to make this switch.

Due to the complete shutdown of ALl services/servers our enigneers are manually reviewing all services to make sure everything is back and operation. if a sevice is not working for you please let us know so we can address it asap!
Power Maintenance Notice
10-15-2016 - 10-16-2016

On Oct 15 and 16 the office building in which the Virtual Empire Data Center resides will have its main power interupted for maintenence and cleaning. This again is the "building" wide electrical systems will be diconnected from the local power grid and will be offline.

We have been informed by Building Property Management that all power will be cut off to all tenents from Oct 15 at 6am until Oct 16 at 7pm. This is a total of 37 hours of power interuption to Virtual Empire's Data center located in this building. Virtual Empire is located in a 20 story highrise office building.

Virtual Empire data center equipment has standard short term UPS battery backup systems to provide emergency power, however most systems like this are NOT designed for this long of a outage.

We are planning a redundant generator power service to provide us the needed power to stay operational during this electrical outtage, In addition Our Networks rely on other Back Bone Internet providers in the same building which means IF their systems go down our services may be interupted, so we must plan for the worst and provide notice to customers that an extended period of downtown may be imminent.

IF services do go down, NO email will be lost as upon return of services all those emails we will attempt delivery again.

We have been working with building operations and they have informed us that total outtage may be less and last 12 hours which would restore electrical services by Saturday evening, however this is a unoffical answer.

During this time we will have limited helpdesk support services as we are assigning all support reps to monitor and react to any power related issues.

Thank you for your understanding while we deal with this unavoidable issue.
Email Services updated

All Shared hosting email services have been updated to provided secure SSL access communctions.

For instructions on updating your email settings please click here:

Enable secure email access

Core Services Upgrades COMPLETED

We have completed software upgrades on our servers over the weekend, Our engineers are reviewing services to verifing all updates. If you are not able to access services please let us know.

5-2-2015 9am - 2pm CST

We will be performing a series of upgrades on servers and services on Saturday May 2nd between 9am and 2PM CST, during this time services may be interrupted. These upgrades will consist of software and hardware upgrades to improve service performance.

Cloud Storage Server Upgrade maintenance

We are running Cloud Storage server upgrade maintenance, During this time SHARED Web hosting services will be offline.

Help desk is Offline [Corrected]
2-4-2015 7:30AM

We are running maintenance on our Helpdesk portal due to a database coruption.

Cloud Storage Volume optimization maintenance
1-8-2015 -- 1-12-2015

We are running Cloud Storage optimation maintenance, due to the size of this opration this may impact performance of our cloud hosting services at different times.

Service update

All services have been restored to full performance levels after a fiber optic connection issue.

Network Performance Alert
11-25-2014 8PM

We have been alerted that one of our Fiber optic connections is suffering from a low signal hardware failure which is impacting network performance.

We expect this to be resolved in the next 12-24 hours. During this time some performance issues will be visible.

We also expect to see a short down time while the failed connection is replaced and our connection is restored. This will impact all services.

We will post updates when we expect full service restoration.

Service upgrade

We have been working hard on performance and security updates, our latest peformance upgrade will provide dedicated process resources for your website tasks as well as enhanced user level security.

Bash Shellshock security update

It has been recently announced that a new security issue has been found in the Linux operating system commands called bash. Bash is a command line interface that allows system admins to manage unix servers. Virtual empire admins use this tools to manage the servers that host your websites. Our engineers are already applying the security updates to protect our services against this issue. You may notice a brief time that your website is not accessable and this will be when we are making those updates and resetting services. NOTE: Virtual empire services have been setup to protect against these types of attacks by a custom layer of security of file and user permissions limiting what "CGI" scripts and tools can access and what SHELL they use. If you have any questions about this or any other services questions please let us know.

Spam Filtering Updates

We have added a new layer of mail abuse/spam filtering to our services which will help block more unwanted spam emails. Virtual Empire uses a 4 layer spam filtering service that helps block and protect your email accounts. The newest layer will reject connections that attempt to send email our customers and vilolate our connection rules.

Security Policy updates
7-11-2014 10:00-12:00PM CST

We are updateing security policies which will "pause" some services for a few seconds while we do this. Services will resume after that. Security polices allow us to block remote spam mail servers and other denial of service attacks which could affect your services.

Cloud Server maintenance
7-7-2014 9:30-10:30AM CST

We are running maintenance on our cloud services which will affect certain services for a few minutes at a time.

Server maintenance COMPLETE
7-4-2014 10AM CST

we have completed the server cloud disk maintenance, all services are not online and service your website content.

Server maintenance
7-4-2014 7AM-9AM CST

we are performing disk mainenance on our cloud services storage, services will be offline during this period.

More Vmail/Webmail updates

We have added new features to our upgraded Vmail 5.0 webmail tool, New vmail features include Improved Junk/spam reported, Vacation/Out of office auto replies, Spam filter settings which will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the filter as well as whitelist or black list certain email addresses.

Upgraded Vmail/Webmail

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our Vmail/Webmail client to version 5.0. The new version is faster, cleaner interface and supports better spam reporting features. If you have any quesitons let us know.

Performance boost

Today our engineers made software technical changes which has boosted website performance, please let us know what your results are via our support help desk, we would love to hear from you.

Software Upgrades
5/19/2014 8:00PM - 9:00PM CST

We have completed Operating system and software upgrades which addresses security as well as general software improvements.

Software Upgrades
5/14/2014 7:00PM - 7:30PM CST

We will be upgrading our storage array servers hardware. Services will "briefly" be interupted during this time.

Hardware Upgrades
5/12/2014 9:00PM - 10:00PM CST

We will be upgrading our cloud and storage array servers hardware. Services will "briefly" be interupted during this time.

Hardware Upgrades
5/6/2014 9:00PM - 10:00PM CST

We will be upgrading our storage array server hardware. Services will "briefly" be interupted during this time.

Performance levels
4/21/2014 9:00AM CST

We are pleased to announce that our service performance levels are back to "normal" fast levels. Your websites and services should load fast with no noticeable delays. We have been trouble shooting and resolving a performance issue and again we are pleased to report that services are back to normal.

Thank you for your understand during these issues as we strive to provide the best possible services to you are customers.

It has been reported that some customers are not able to access their services and they recieve a "Expired Domain name message". Our network engineers have tracked this issue down to a failed DNS cache update with "some internet providers". Please following these steps to resolve this matter.

  • Reboot your computer
  • Reboot your router
  • contact your ISP regarding not able to access certain websites.

  • Click here for more information

    Services UP
    4/17/2014 7:00AM CST

    Performance review at 7:17am, all shared services are running at peek performance, we will be taking manual performance checks through out the day and posting results here.

    We 1 data storage volume left to migrate, after this last volume all services should be 100 percent with no intermittent slow downs.

    Services UP
    4/16/2014 7:00AM CST
    4/16/2014 12:00PM CST (Update)

    Performance review at 7am and 12pm, all shared services are running at peek performance, we will be taking manual performance checks through out the day and posting results here.

    During slower times we will restart the migration of data until complete.

    Services UP
    4/15/2014 8:00AM CST
    4/15/2014 1:00PM CST (Update)
    4/15/2014 4:00PM CST (Update)

    After a performance review at 8,1 and 4, all shared services are running at peek performance, we will be taking manual performance checks through out the day to ensure this.

    During slower times we will restart the migration of data until complete.

    Services UP
    4/14/2014 4:00PM CST
    Our engineers tracked down a major coruption in our cloud services and services have been stored.

    The configuration between our Cloud servers and our Storage servers corupted. This is an on going issue that have already been working on with a migration of our data.

    Once all data is off this corupted storage volume services will be 100 percent again.

    Services down
    4/14/2014 12:00PM CST
    Our engineers are currently working on a service interuption. All shared hosting services are down at this time.

    Performance Maintenance updates
    We have been working on a data transfer of customer data from storage volumes that were experiencing a performance issue to new storage volumes and today we have reached a point that services are getting back to normal, actually faster!

    We are monitoring a 10 fold in data transfer on the new storage volume.

    We still have a little more to go ,but things ARE looking better.

    Thank you for your patience while we improve our services!

    Performance Maintenance scheduling

    To correct the performance issue some customers have been experiencing we will be migrating all customer data to a new storage pool. To complete this migration we will be interrupting services for short periods. We will perform this migration during off peek hours to minimize downtime.

    The migration will be scheduled for the next few nigths until completed.

    Software Maintenance update

    Dear customer;

    As you know services have been experiencing a performance related service outage over the last week, the issue lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes and our engineers reset to bring services back online.

    Our lead engineers have been trouble shooting this issue very aggressively over this time period working with our hardware and software vendors to attempt to isolate the issue.

    This issue has alluded us due to the nature of the symptoms as their are no error messages, the systems when its happening do not point to any one sub system.

    Now we are not along as many other service providers running the same cloud hosting software/hardware services have run into this same issue with no resolution.

    We now have some good news, we have isolated what is causing the issue and have developed the plan to correct it.

    In short, we need to migrate ALL our customer data in our cloud services to a new storage volume.

    The long answer as we like to keep our customers informed is that due to a default design in the method used to store your data on our Network Attached Storage Array disk systems was that compression was on which means that the storage server is working 4 to 10 times harder to read and write your data and thus when large volumes of data were read or written performance was impacted. The solution now is to move your data from these storage volumes to newly created volumes so that the bug does not exist. We simply can not turn it off as this compression is at the bit level.

    We have tested new volumes to store data without this default option and we are bench-marking 10 to 20 times the speed increase!

    over the next few days we will be migrating your data to this new storage volume. Once completed we will notify you ,but please bear with us as this will take time and may impact services while we move this data.

    We will attempt to perform this migrate during off peek hours to make the small impact on service as possible.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Virtual Empire Web Hosting

    Upgrade Core Router

    We are excited to report that we have upgraded our core router which processes all the network traffic for the services we offer you. This upgrade provides even faster response times for your website along with more redundancy as we now have 3 core routers to handle traffic in the event that one would fail the others will pick up.

    Expansion Announcement

    After 7 years in our current data center space we are expanding to a larger data center space. We will be doubling our data center space which will allow us to expand the services we offer our customers.

    We have been planning this move for the last 6 months with new online battery backup systems, expanded power managment and improved green enviromental controls.

    During the actual physical move of our data center equipment services will be offline and not accessable.

    To minimize downtime we have built out the new data center space and have planned for the shortest possible switch over time. We are planning for a weekend move to lesson the impact of weekday peek usage.

    Customers will not need to do anything as we will shutdown, move and restart and test services.

    Please contact our helpdesk or your account manager with any questions you may have.

    The move date will be.

    Saturday Feb 8th, 2014.

    9AM - 3PM

    During this time services will be affected.

    We have some exciting news coming up in the next few weeks. Check Our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, your email and here for the details on our special announcement!

    Website Updates

    Our web designers have completed a complete redesign of our main website, the new design will allow faster access to the information you are looking for and show off our complete line of services we offer!

    Software Upgrades

    Our Engineers completed a server upgrade on HOST42 this evening, These upgrades will bring all software programs to the latest versions and improve service stilbility.

    You may notice some duplicate emails after the upgrade, this is normal. If you have any other questions let us know.

    Software Upgrades

    Our Engineers completed a server upgrade on HOST43 this evening, These upgrades will bring all software programs to the latest versions and improve service stilbility.

    You may notice some duplicate emails after the upgrade, this is normal. If you have any other questions let us know.

    Software Upgrades
    6/1/13 - 6/2/2013

    Our Engineers completed several server upgrades over the weekend, These upgrades will bring all software programs to the latest versions and improve service stilbility.

    Our servers have over 400 differnet software programs that make up the services we provide. As updates come out we will scheduled to perform upgrades to all our servers to make sure services are secure and run well.

    If you have any questions about your services after this upgrade please let us know.

    Emergency Maintenance

    All services have been restored, Our engineers have applied the latest update to our operating systems to correct an stilbity issue. We will continue to monitor and take action based on the critcal level of the issue. Please submit a support ticket if you have any support questions.

    Emergency Maintenance
    Our engineeers are installing a critical update on HOST46 to correct file corruption and service stibility. If you are unable to get to your services at this time this is why. Services should be restored by 9am CST.

    Emergency Maintenance
    5/8/13 - 5/9/13

    ETA UPDATE: Our engineers have completed the restore of all website data and performed testing, services are backup online for HOST47. if you can not get to your site or have questions about services please submit a support ticket.

    Our engineers are currently working to recover the file system from one of our servers due to a file system corruption. We have been working with our software vendor to resolve this issue by applying a set of updates and migration of data to new data volumes.

    At this time we are restoring to a new data volume all customer data files that have been affected. Once all data has been restored we will bring services back online. This is NOT affecting all customers at this time. If your website is down this is why. The server affected is HOST47. We will post any service status updates via this page. If you have any questions let us know.

    Stability Upgrades
    5/1/2013 - 5/15/2013
    We have applied new software updates to our cloud servers to stabilze the services. We will now begin to recreate the storage volumes to fix issues caused by the older software. We will be performaing these tasks slowly to avoid prolonged interuption of service. You may see brief periods delay as we perform this final step in stabilizing our services. Again if you have any questions please submit a support ticket.

    Stability Upgrades
    4/23/2013 - 4/30/2013
    We are working on a cloud service/disk array stability issue. Over the last few weeks our main disk storage network servers or NAS has been going offline which causes the cloud servers to reset which reset services. Normally for only a few minutes at a time. We have been working with the vendor of our cloud software and our NAS software to isolate and fix the issue. We are attempting to make small updates to avoid services being down for too long ,however our attempts have not been sucessful. Please bear with us while we address this issue and bring our servies up to the level they should be. We will make every attempt to keep you updates on this page when we are will make an update or the status of a prolonged service interuption. Again We apologize for this as we have always had great uptime in our 15 years of providing Internet services. If you have any questions or have more questoins please let us know via a support helpdesk ticket.

    Maintenance Notice
    We will be performaning NAS disk server maintenance between the hours of 11PM and 2AM Monday 4/22/2013. Services will be briefly offline during this time.

    Maintenance Notice
    We will be performaning cloud server maintenance between the hours of 9AM and 12PM Saturday 4/13/2013. Services will be briefly offline during this time.

    Maintenance Notice
    We will be performaning cloud server maintenance between the hours of 2PM and 6PM Sunday 3/10/2013. Services will be briefly offline during this time.

    Upgrade Notice
    On Sunday Feb 24, we completed our upgrade of hosting server "host46". This upgrade moved all customers to our new high performance private cloud services which offers customers faster performance and more features. Enjoy, if you have any customers please let us know.

    Upgrade Plans
    We will be upgrading/moving host46 web server to our private cloud in the near future once all testing has been completed. (An email will be sent out)

    This move will complete our migration of all our servers to our private cloud services we offer.

    What does this means for your website account and services, more reliability, updated security and faster upgrades and updates.

    Virtual Empire's private cloud will allow us to seemlessly move your "virtual" server between physical hardware in our data center which will allow us to perform upgrades and maintenance without affecting your services.

    We can also Add more virtual servers to add capacity while still isoloting our customers accounts.

    Many "hosting companies" still pile thousands and thousands of customers accounts on 1 virtual/physical server and when their's a problem they ALL are affected.

    Virtual Empire has always seperated customers onto many servers to improve performance and isolate problems faster! This is why not all hosting companies are equal.

    Our new Virtual Empire cloud will simply give more benifits to our customers! If you have any questions please let us know.

    Upgrade Plans
    We are upgrading again! We have always tried to replace older slower servers with newer hardware to improve performance and this has allowed us to always be ahead of our competition on the services we provide. While most service providers continue to pile more accounts onto single servers, here at Virtual Empire we have split up our services accross mutiple servers. this allows us to provide better performance and isoloate issues faster!

    In keepign with this design plan we are now moving ALL our shared hosting customers to "The cloud".

    This private cloud what we like to call the VE-cloud will allow us to scale even faster and provide even more reliability.

    Your services will live in our cloud and in the event of hardware failure at any point your website will "float" automaticly to another part of our cloud without any noticeable down time.

    Your website data will be safely stored on our fully redundent RAID10 storage array providing you maximum reliability.

    Our new cloud will provide much greater performance as now more server resources are avilable to greatly improve the performance of the services we offer.

    Upgrade Plans
    July is upgrade month here at Virtual Empire and the "Cloud" is here! Over the last few weeks we have been making significate upgrades to our core network hardware in our upgrade plans for cloud and vps services.

    If you have not heard cloud computing is the latest in technology which allows service providers like Virtual Empire to offer all the same great end user services on a new set of server hardware. This new method adds complete reduncency and performance to all your services by taking the physical server out of the picture and replacing it with software.

    If something goes wrong your "server" is moved around in our cloud to avoid a "hardware" problem.

    This also allows customers to have more control over their server enviroment as now customers have easier access to full server solutions running in the cloud.

    Check back again or ask us how cloud computing will benfit your business.

    Service Status Information

    We will be performing server software upgrades on 7/5/2012 between 10pm and 12am Central Standard time. During this time services will be interupted or offline. Servers being upgraded are HOST46 Virtual Empire Web Hosting

    Service Status Information

    We will be performing server software upgrades on Saturday 5/26/2012 between 8am Saturday morning and 12 noon Central Standard time. During this time services will be interupted or offline. Servers being upgraded are HOST47 Virtual Empire Web Hosting

    Service Status Information

    Scheduled maintenance will be scheduled for 7pm to 11pm Friday 8/5/2011, some services will be interupted during this time for brief periods to upgrade services.

    Service Status Information

    Services for HOST46 have been restored, if you have any questions please submit a support help desk ticket. Thansk!

    Service Status Information

    Our engineers are working on a server outage on HOST46, if your website/email is down we are working on the issue right now, services should be restored shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Virtual Empire Web Hosting

    Service Status Information

    The network upgrade is done, Our network engineers have tested all main core services and everything is working great. The old network will be shut off on June 1st. If you run into any issues after this date and you manage your own DNS make sure to double check your update to the new IP address block. As always we are here to help so contact us if you have any questions.

    Service Status Information

    Our network upgrade is nearly complete and things are looking great! With this upgrade we have again added more capacity and reach to the services that we provide to you our customers!

    Again, if you manage your own DNS , meaning if you created your own A records and pointed your domains to your IP address you will need to update your IP address as the old IP addresses will be discounted shortly.

    You can make the update at any time as we will be running BOTH IP addresses on your services for a period of time to allow you to seemlessly switch over without ANY interuption of services.

    If you have any questions or need help making updates please contact our support help desk!

    Service Status Information

    Our NEW network connection is in and our network engineers are busy testing, in a few short weeks we will be migrating our network addresses to the new connection. This migration will be seemless for most customers and we will run on both addresses untill all customer traffic is moved over.

    For customers who "manage" your own dns and "point" your own domains/sub domains to your services with us you will need to manually update your IP address settings.

    Virtual Empire's NEW IP address RANGE will be:
    DNS server information. - -

    Please contact support if you manage your own dns and need updated IP address information for your services. We are here to help and we have a full plan to make the update seemless.

    Service Status Information

    With our anouncement of our network upgrade we will be making network changes to the IP addresses that our Internet servers use to communicate with other servers on the internet.

    The first change will be that we will be "changing" our IP addresses. For MOST custoemers this will be automatic and you will not notice anything.

    However, if you manage your own DNS and/or use hard coded IP addresses you will need to update your IP addresses to access your services hosted by Virtual Empire.

    In the next few weeks we will provide the NEW IP address blocks that customers who manage their own services will need to update with.

    Service Status Information

    Another BIG upgrade to announce, Virtual Empire Webhosting is adding more capacity to our network services! What does this mean?

    "Most" internet providers simply "drop" off your websites traffic to your website visitor in a "national" back bone peering point. This is like you taking your mail to your mailbox and waiting for someone else to pick it up and take it to its destination.

    Virtual Empire has always used LARGE private network connections to carry your visitors website traffic right to the door step of visitor/customer with the fewest stop (hops) as possible!

    What does this do? This avoids "issues" when that unknown peering point drops traffic or breaks down or is so slow that your visitors complain that your website is slow.

    Now we have just added a major global private network to our services which now allows your website traffic to travel on a private network to locations like India, Spain, Norway and local places like Okeechobee,FL and Sacramento,CA plus many more all without hitting the "public" peering spot.

    Service Status Information

    In our continuing effort to improve our services to our customers we have added a major backup solution!

    As Virtual Empire owns, operates and manages are own Data Center and networks we have complete access to maintain high levels of connection to the internet for your services.

    One of the key hardware devices we maintain is something called a "router" this takes all your information from your website and "routes" it to your visitors. We use Cisco high end routers and these devices are $20,000 to $30,000 dollars, however they are VERY reliable and we have been using them for over 10 years.

    We have added a completely redundent router to out network data center so that in the even of complete failure your services are NOT affected! Not bad for 10 dollars a month !

    This is just another feature/service we off our customers. Many "hosting" companies dont have a router, much less own, operating or manage their services.

    Virtual Empire's new look
    July 1st 2009

    We have updated our website design to make services faster to find and use. Our new "Search on site:" feature allows you to search for any topic related to your services such as.

  • payments
  • email
  • shopping cart

  • right from any page on our site! As always we are here to help and if you have any questions let us know.

    Virtual Empire's updated expansion notice.

    Our Office/Data center move went very well, We had a small army of people that worked very hard to "very" carefully pickup, move and re-assemmble ALL our servers, routers, network hubs and equipment into our new Data Center/Office.

    We now have more room to grow as well as better enviromental controls!

    As with any move you find things that need updates, we will be upgrading and replacing server componients that reported problems during the move. Mainly power supplies of the servers which after running nonstop for "years" need replacement.

    We look forward to providing quality servcies for years to come in our new expanded location.

    Virtual Empire's expansion notice.

    We want to tell you about some exciting news here at Virtual Empire, We have out grown our current data center and we need to expand!

    Virtual Empire owns and operates our own data center, this means we own and manage all the equipment necessary to provide you with the services we offer.

    One advantage is we support everything and if their's a question we can resolve it fast without calling someone else. Many other service providers out source their support, employees and their computers, so what's left you be the judge.

    Over the past 10 plus years, We have upgraded our data center 3 times and performed countless feature upgrades to continue to bring new performance and features to our customers.

    Many of you have been with us for many of these years and we value your business and it's your continued loyalty that has helped us grow.

    Now some may say why are you upgrading during the economic times the country is in? Virtual Empire's business plan has been based on solid decision and keeping costs down. This has helped us avoid large debt and build a valued service.

    We offer affordable services without the gimmick pricing that many of our competitors have done and failed.

    In the end its valued customers like you that help us grow. We are here for you as much as you are here for us and if their's anything we can do just let us know!

    The expansion plan:

    The first weekend of May, May 2nd and 3rd, 2009 we will be moving all our equipment into our new data center. Luckily it's on the same floor in our office building, so its not that far.

    During the move services will be interrupted, but we have a plan to keep the service interruption as short as possible.

    We are estimating 2 - 4 hours on Saturday May 2nd between 12:00PM and 4:00PM for total service down time.

    During this time any emails sent to your email accounts will simply be put on hold by the sending mail servers and should get delivered after we bring everything back up. All other services will not be accessible.

    If you have any questions regarding this expansion as always feel free to contact us.



    Virtual Empire Web hosting Trouble shooting steps.

    Having Email Problems Try our New Connection testing tools

    Virtual Empire has always been a leader when it comes to support services and to provide our customers with higher levels of service we have developed a online tool to test your network connection when you are having Email or Connection issues.

    The following online test will allow you to test your connection to our servers in the event that you are having troubles accessing your services.

    Connection test

    Support Links:

    Have a Question? We are here to help!

    Virtual Empire is IPv6 Ready!
    ipv6 ready