Virtual Empire Email Configuration - POP3 and SMTP Auth

Email Configuration
POP3 and SMTP Auth

The following information will provide setup steps to allow your local email program such as Microsoft Outlook to access Virtual Empire mail servers for sending and recieving email.

Virtual Empire Mail serves use the Standard POP3 email account plus the NEW SMTP Auth - secure access method. Your email client must support both of these for email access to work with our mail servers .

Using your account information (userid and password) you will be able to configure your email client to access email on our service.

The following setup example is for Microsoft Outlook Express version 4,5 and 6. You should be able to use this information to configure ANY email client that uses Standard POP3 and SMTP AUTH for secure access to mail servers.

If you wish to update your email configuration to add SMTP Auth secure access click here.

SMTP Auth - Secure Setup update

Advanced Setup Tips
Step 1

To create a new account in Outlook Express click on the menu pull down "Tools", then click on accounts.

The next step will be to create a new email account. You can create multiple email accounts to access email via your Internet Service Provider AND Virtual Empire Email accounts your web hosting provider.

To create your new email account click on "Add" and type in your full name which will be sent with each of your emails.

Type in your Email address. This is your full email address including your website's domain name.

Type in your mail server addresses. Your mail server addresses will be the word "mail" a period and your domain name.

Type in your login name to access the mail for this account.

During your website account creation you provided us your main userid and password, you can enter this information to access your email accounts main email.

You can also create additional email accounts with your email manager via your membertools. Enter the userid provided during setup. Userid's for pop accounts created with the membertools have an underscore in the name, make sure to include this userid correctly.

Click on Finish to complete the phase of your setup.

SMTP auth - Secure setup

To complete the setup process you need to modify the servers properties to set your secure access for sending email.

Click on the "Tools" and Accounts options again.

Click on the account you just created. The account will highlight blue. Once highlighted click on the Properties button on the left.

Click on the Servers Tab, at the bottom of the window click on "My Server requires authentication" check box. Then click on Settings.

You have now completed the final setup of your new email account. You can click on the OK button and you can use your email program to send and recieve email.

To manage your email account here are a few tips to configure your email access.

If your ISP "blocks" outmail email access. (you will know this if you get connection errors) Virtual Empire servers have been setup to "listen" for mail requests on another Server port. To configure for this, simply change the Port number listed as 25 to the number 2525 in the smtp out going Server port.

If you wish to Use BOTH a local email program and Virtual Empire's online Vmail client, you will need to set the server NOT to delete the messages when you read them with your local program. you have the option to tell your local email program to delete messages after a certain number of days.

If you have heavy email usage you may not want to use this feature.