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Hosting FAQ

What is Virtual Web Hosting?

We specialize in Virtual Web Hosting which means we will provide a home for your web site on our servers. Your web site will be accessed through your own domain name "". We can help you register your own domain name which will become your unique address on the World Wide Web. Having your own domain name does not suggest that you are renting web space, and, since email can be addressed to your domain (eg. WWW.YOURNAME.COM ) you will not have to announce a new email address if you change internet providers.

Do you offer dial-up internet access?

No, you will need local Internet access in order to access your web site and to send/receive email addressed to your site. Providing a specialized service means that we can devote ALL of our resources toward one specific service.

Do you offer web page design services?

We do not offer any web development services.

How do I transfer files to my web site?

Files may be transferred to your web page via FTP or FrontPage.

Can I resell space within my own account?

Yes. You can resell space within your account. However, you will be responsible for its content and data transfer. It will not be possible to acquire multiple account passwords for FTP access.

Can I host an adult site on your server?

We do NOT allow adult sites on our servers.

Do you support CGI?

Yes, for scripts that we provide. We try to provide all of the common cgi scripts that customers ask for. We do not charge extra for this service. We do NOT allow customers to upload their own cgi programs. It is very difficult to maintain reliable servers when each customer is free to run their own programs, some do it well, others are still learning and make mistakes that slow the server. We try to provide solutions for every cgi program type that customers request. Because we provide the scripts, they are simple for you to use, just follow our simple instructions found on your Member Tools page.

Can I have a public FTP server?

Virtual Empire doesn't allow public FTP servers for security reasons. We only provide a private FTP for maintaining your web site. As an alternative we suggest offering files directly from your web site.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes. We are pleased to have customers around the world and we're as close as your computer. If desired, we can host non-US domain name extensions.

What contract and payment terms are available?

Virtual Empire currently offers a "30 Day Free Trial" program where the Customer is granted use of Virtual Empire's services immediately upon applying for services. Virtual Empire will invoice the Customer immediately upon the application for service. The invoice will request payment for hosting for 12 months, plus a setup fee. Durring this FREE TRIAL period, the customer has full access to their account. If the invoice remains unpaid after the due date, the Customer's account will be deactivated. If the invoice remains unpaid 21 days after the due date Virtual Empire will assume the Customer no longer wants the account which will be deleted. The customer will not be held liable for hosting fees on accounts which were deleted at the end of this free trial period.

What page is loaded when I go to

Our servers are configured to read index.html as the default homepage, so people browsing your site can simply type rather than having to specify a filename, such as

It is strongly advised that you have an index.html file in each directory o f your website. Directories without it allow browsing through your files, possibly exposing to public view files not intended for that purpose.

My site looks good on my hard drive, but after uploading it the images are missing and the links are broken?

Unlike Windows or DOS, UNIX is case sensitive. This means that index.html is different from Index.html, INDEX.HTML and all its various case combinations.

This creates a problem when transferring your site from your hard drive (Windows or DOS) to one of our UNIX servers. It can often result in pages having broken links and missing images.

If you encounter this problem, check to make sure that your hyperlinks in your web pages correspond to the exact filenames on your website. If they do not match, you can either modify your hyperlinks in your web pages or rename your files with an FTP program so they match your hyperlinks.

Please note that if you are referring to your pages with a .htm extension in your hyperlinks, make sure the filename actually ends with a .htm extension.

If you are referring to your pages with .html extension in your hyperlinks, make sure the filename actually ends with a .html extension.

Another problem encountered is that you are referring to web pages and images on your hard disk. For example,


The above hyperlink should be replaced with the one below it:

How do I prevent web surfers from viewing the contents of my subdirectories?

Place a file called index.html within the subdirectory that you don't want viewed. Instead of a file listing being displayed, index.html will be displayed.

How do I edit my files while they are on the server?

You can use our EZ Editor (accessed from your Member Tools Menu) or download the file to your workstation to edit the file, then copy it back up to our servers.

What is an appropriate file size for HTML files?

When people browse your home page, it's important to remember that they might be on a slower 14.4kbs modem. Hence, to download 100K of file and graphics, it takes a little over 60 seconds at that speed.

Here's some suggestions to alleviate this problem:

Split your home page to a few separate pages.
Reduce the graphic size by shrinking the image size.
Save photographs as .jpg files with about 85% compression ratio.
Save images with mostly solid colors using .gif compression.
Experiment with reducing the number of colors in your gif files.

Please see our Answers Page if you need more information. Our support staff will do their best to answer your questions.