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[HTML] [Graphics] [JAVA] [WebDesigners] [maillist] [Newsletters] [OnlineTools] [WebsitePromotion] [Other] - Large collection of animated clip art.
A-1 Icon Archive - 300,000+ free web graphics.
Clip Art Searcher - customized search forms designed locate graphics on the Web.
Clipart Castle - Clipart Castle
Inki's Clipart - Inki's Clipart
Juelie's State Flower Garden of Gifs - clipart guide.
Karen Shader Designs Free Clip Art - hand-painted watercolor backgrounds buttons & bars.
Noetic Art - clipart created by the author orginal and free for general use.
Railroad Clip Art Collection - Railroad Clip Art Collection
Signboard - Signboard - over 500 images sorted by category.
Zena's Clipart Collection - over 60 categories of full colour clipart.
Alphabet Connection - Offers a large choice of free letters numbers and punctuation signs which you can use on your site.
Animation Library - 3500+ free quality animations.
Boogiejack - Nice collection of graphics and fonts.
CoolArchive - Free archive of 800+ fonts 4000+ icons hundreds of animations backgrounds html tips and much more. Plus an online button maker and logo generator to create your own graphics!
FreeGraphics - Organized links to graphic archives.
I-Face Warehouse - Free tamplates, textures, buttons, interfaces and more.
GraphSearch - GraphSearch allows you to quickly locate icons animated GIFs photographs and clip art. GraphSearch makes it easier to search for the right graphic.
Abstract Fonts - Extensive Font Collection of fonts.
AcidFonts - 250+ freeware and shareware fonts.
Collected Fonts - Large Font Collection.
FontFinder - 1000+ fonts.
The Font Pool - Collection of searchable fonts.
Download free clipart images.
Dancing Fox Graphics
Dancing fox graphics-a graphic design company. Dancing fox graphics produces graphic design, website design, and custom graphic design.