JAVA and Javascript Resources

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Ask the JavaScript Pro - free service by providing technical tips on JavaScript.
Danny Goodman's JavaScript PagesDanny Goodman's JavaScript Pages
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer - tutorial for beginners. This site walks you through the basics of object oriented programming.
JavaScript Resource Center - Provides several JavaScript applications such as forms validation image previewer HTTP cookies and others.
JavaScript Source The - cut and paste JavaScript library with source code.
Javascript: Simple Little Things To Add To Your Pages
Javascripts - over 200 free javascripts. Code to cut & paste.
JavaWorld's JavaScript column by Gordon McComb - monthly JavaWorld column offering tips and techniques designed to help you make the most of JavaScript. By Gordon McComb author of "
Learning JavaScript - tutorials and examples for learning JavaScript.
Roller: A JavaScript Coder - will dynamically generate the HTML and javascript code for rollover and mouseclick effects.
Roloo's Javoo - program to help you with your Javascript effects.
Tip of the Week - every week a cool but short and simple javascript tip or trick to help you on your way to javascript bliss. - offers JavaScript and Dynamic HTML design information.
Website Abstraction - tutorials on JavaScript.
Defomete JavaScript Resource - If you have any questions relating to JavaScript this is the site to visit. You can get free advice from the Pro's here.
Focus on JavaScript - Organized links to thousands of JavaScripts and tutorials.
HotWired JavaScript - A 5 day JavaScript Tutorial along with other interesting articles relating to JavaScript.
JavaScript Developer - Lots of useful JavaScript related information for anyone who develops JavaScripts.
Javascript City - Free scripts tutorials documentation and more.
JavaScript No Content Website - Various articles relating to JavaScript and a JavaScript mailing list.
JavaScript World - Very well designed site loaded with useful FAQs hundreds of example JavaScript programs and tutorials.
JavaScript - Has a JavaScript chatroom and lots of links.
JavaScript Resources - A huge collection of links to JavaScript related sites archives mailing lists and FAQs
ScriptSearch - A script search engine. You can look for JavaScripts Perl scripts and more.
The JavaScript Source - One of the internets biggest collections of JavaScripts a very nice site.
Website Abstraction - JavaScript Tutorials and lots of great scripts for the taking. A very well done site. - Cgi Script Web Applications
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